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COMOS started the car sharing concept in Malaysia when the country's first EV car sharing program was launched in Kuala Lumpur at the end of May 2015. Being a foreign concept to the market back then, progress was indeed slow. Furthermore, the majority of the customers opted to rent the electric cars for the whole day instead of using it for a shorter period. As a result, COMOS has now shifted the focus from the EV car sharing program to a more conventional personal car rental business model. Nevertheless, we did not abandon the car sharing concept altogether but instead with the experience gained, we embarked on an electric bike sharing program at universities. Moreover, COMOS has ventured into green tourism and we are now offering Ecoride nature tour packages as well. At the same time, the demand for electric vehicle fleet by corporate clients is growing. As a result, our corporate branding and leasing packages are taken up by more clients and some of them can be found in the pictures below.

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