COMOS Airport Valet Service – EV Your Way To KLIA!

While everyone is complaining about Express Rail Link (ERL) Sdn Bhd’s annoucement of increasing KLIA Express fare from RM35 to RM55 effective 1 Jan 2016, there’s some good news for those travelling to Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

COMOS Sdn Bhd has launched COMOS Airport Valet Service, a valet service is where you book an EVs for airport transfer.

How does it work?

  1. You’d have to be a member of COMOS.


2. Select “KLIA Valet Service” in the “Pickup Location” dropdown menu


3. Select “KLIA Valet Service” in the “Dropoff Location” dropdown menu

4. Select the time and date of pickup

5. Once check out is done, a COMOS representative will contact you to collect booking details and confirm the booking.

6. COMOS representative will deliver the EV to you and you (and your friends/family) can enjoy an eco-friendly drive to the airport!

7. COMOS representative would bring back the EV to the COMOS station.


Do note that this service is not for the entire Klang Valley. Areas where the valet service is offered are marked in RED below:



The COMOS Airport Valet service can be chartered starting today but do note that the operation hours for this service is from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm daily.
This means if you intend to use this service, you have to:-

  • Factor in the drive time. If you’re coming from, say Mon’t Kiara, you may want to consider 45 minutes of drive time.
  • Check in time. If you wish to be at the airport 2-hours before flight and you’re expecting a drive time of 45 mins, booking at 9.00am allows you to be on time for flights 11.45am and beyond.

So for those catching the first-flight out, best stick with other forms of transportation.


How much will this cost me?

This service would normally cost you around RM90 – RM110, similar to most taxi/Uber/Grabcar fees. However, COMOS is offering a promotional price of RM70 (inclusive of GST, toll and delivery charge) The fee will be charged to your credit card, exactly the same cashless way as their car sharing booking payment method and Uber. Also, note that the fee is no different if you hailed for one in Dataran Merdeka or Cyberjaya even though the distance to KLIA is vastly greater if taken from Kuala Lumpur.


It is also important to consider the Renault Zoe sits four adults comfortably and five would be a tighter squeeze. You’d have to factor in the COMOS representative who has to be in the same car as you in order to retrieve the vehicle once you arrive at the airport so if you have lots of pakciks and makciks coming along for a holiday, this service might not be ideal for you. If you’re going somewhere with wife and two kids, this would be perfect – more so when you can introduce eco-friendly driving experience to your children at a young age. Kids would love it.

Also, you cannot expect the COMOS representative to “drive” you to the airport. That would not be strictly legal as this makes them similar to other transportation services such as Uber and Grabcar which is not how the operate. COMOS isn’t a chauffeur service so don’t expect it.


In conclusion, having a ride delivered to your door step and you not needing to return it to a specific parking lot makes it a lot more convenient. It is still more expensive than the RM55 asking price of KLIA Express but if you have lots of luggage and/or other family members joining you to the airport, COMOS makes more sense.

The only question is, if compared against Uber/Grabcar/MyTeksi, is the COMOS Airport Valet service worth it (assuming more than 1 passenger?
If you want to be driven instead of driving – Take Uber/Grabcar/MyTeksi
If you want to save some money if you’re coming from Sunway (taxi costs around RM80-RM95) from here or further (from KLIA) – Take COMOS Airport Valet Service
If you want to impress your family members/loved ones without burning your pocket with UberBlack/Grabcar Premium- COMOS Airport Valet Service, definitely!