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Langkawi Ecoride

Are you planning for a holiday in Langkawi? Or perhaps you are already here and looking for more exciting places in Langkawi? Here are the funnest activities you can do in Langkawi. Take part in the Ecoride Tour Packages now!

Our 100% electric vehicles are finally here with Ecoride! Explore the legendary island with our zero emission cars and bikes. Our Ecoride sightseeing tours are certainly worth it. Above all, grab this rare opportunity to embrace the future of electric mobility today!

Take part in our attractive Ecoride sightseeing tour packages. Our Ecoride guide will escort you to hidden destinations with even more beautiful natural scenery. Group travelers are most welcomed! Likewise, we embrace couples too!

Have a fun-filled time with your friends and families. This will certainly be the highlight of your holiday in Langkawi!

Call us at +6019-201 6494 for more information. Simply click on the images below for available packages.

Twizy Tour Packages

Twizy is a fully electric car with 80km of driving range. It seats two person in a tandem position. With a light structure and a non assisted steering wheel, driving the Twizy is very engaging and unique experience. A valid driving license for the driver will be required to take part in the Twizy Tour packages.

Revgo Tour Packages

Revgo is a motor driven bicycle with an electric range of 40km. Most importantly, each tour participant will ride an electric bicycle while wearing a safety helmet and a high visibility vest. For safety, children below 12 years old are not allowed to ride. Beat the traffic and enjoy the ocean breeze in your hair!


Electric vehicles reduce the emission of greenhouse gases therefore preserving the nature. Riding an electric vehicle is also a new experience. The ride is quiet and non polluting. For that reason, our sightseeing tour packages are fun and environmental friendly. Enjoy the natural beauty of Langkawi and help retain them too.

The best Langkawi fun activities are here. Book your slot today. See you soon!