This might be the best alternative to KLIA Express


If you’re a frequent traveler, KLIA Express (ERL) is the best way to get to Kuala Lumpur International Airport in under 30 minutes. With everything going up, the fares will be increased to RM55/way effective 1st January 2016. That’s a hefty RM110 for two people heading to the airport.

Is there a cheaper alternative? What if we tell you there’s another way of getting there with zero emission and it costs less than an Uber ride?



COMOS, a ride-sharing provider that uses 100% electric vehicles has introduced an Airport Valet Service. For a flat rate of RM70, you can head to KLIA or KLIA2 in an electric-powered Renault Zoe. The service comes with a designated COMOS staff, so you can hop-on and hop-off without worrying about parking. Do note that the Renault Zoe is a compact hatchback, so the boot isn’t as spacious as a typical sedan car.

The COMOS Airport Valet service would cost you RM70 which is inclusive of GST, toll and delivery charges to your location. So that equates to RM35/person for a trip for two or RM23.34/person for 3 pax. On the downside, it is only available from 9:00AM to 4:00PM, and it covers just the following areas in the Klang Valley.



How to get started?



If you haven’t tried COMOS before, the first step of getting a key card would take a while. You would need to register for a membership which now costs RM50 for 1 year (Normal: RM300). Once that’s done, you can collect your COMOS card and start booking as follows:

1. Login to your COMOS account.
2. Go to “Search Cars” and select “(RM70) KLIA Valet Service” as your pick up location, followed by the date and time required.
3. Next, select “(RM70) KLIA Valet Service” as your drop off location.
4. After completing your booking, a COMOS representative will contact you to confirm your request.

You are advised to request the service at least 2 hours ahead of the intended time and it is subject to actual availability of cars. You may book for the next day but the option is only available after 10:00PM. This is a cashless service and the final amount will be charged to your registered credit card. You can read up more about the service here.

COMOS as a car replacement



COMOS was introduced as an alternative means to car ownership. Being a ride-sharing service, you only pay for membership and usage fees according to your usage. At the moment, the rental costs RM6 for 15 minutes with a minimum booking of 30 minutes (RM12). For an all day usage, it will cost you a flat rate of RM144.

With its fleet of electric cars, there’s no fuel cost involved so you won’t need to return the car with a full tank. There are several COMOS pick up stations located around PJ and KL with more being planned out in the near future. Currently all bookings are done via its website on and soon they will be releasing a mobile app for iOS and Android.

We’ve tried COMOS a couple of times and it is quite an experience driving a quiet vehicle that hums like a spaceship. Since it’s new, the number of stations with charging points are quite limited. It isn’t really that cost efficient for simple point to point trips since you’re required to return the vehicle to its limited pickup/drop off points.

If you’re making a stop, you would still need to pay for parking, which defeats the purpose of saving time and money. This would probably make more sense once they have more stations around strategic points including shopping malls and office complexes.

Other alternatives to KLIA



If COMOS isn’t viable due to timing and location, Uber is currently offering a flat rate of RM75 (excluding tolls) to KLIA/KLIA2. There’s no promo code required, and you can request anytime from now until 5th January 2016. Uber is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

If you’re traveling alone, KLIA Express is still the cheaper option overall. Despite the RM55/way announcement, there are additional discounts if you book return tickets and purchasing them online or using specific credit cards. At the moment, Mastercard holders are entitled to a 20% discount. A return KLIA Express ticket cost RM100 and it will cost you just RM80 which is equivalent to RM40 per way. That’s basically RM5 more than usual RM35/way price.